Avoid Minimum, Mandatory Fines for “Willful Neglect”.
Use The HIPAA Compliance Kit to Get Fully Compliant Before An Office of Civil Rights Auditor Calls on Your Office.

HITECH Compliance Associates is the leader in providing affordable, easy to use and understand solution for HIPAA Compliance. Our HIPAA Compliance Kit is a full turnkey solution, complete with instructional videos on performing your own risk and using the HIPAA Kit to achieve compliance. Also included is a full set of Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures, staff and HIPAA Compliance Officer Training, updated forms for the new Omnibus Rule including the new Notice of Privacy Practices you need to have posted by the Compliance Date and new Business Associate Agreements that must be in place.

HIPAA Compliance Kit

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The HIPAA Compliance Kit

Updated for the HITECH Omnibus Rule (The MegaRule of 2013)

Our exclusive 8 step program includes each section you need for complete HIPAA compliance. Updated every 6 months the HIPAA Compliance Kit is the most complete solution available for HIPAA compliance. We back each Kit with one year of email and phone support.

Step 1 - Risk Management
Complete forms and video instructions on how to complete your own risk assessment.

Step 2 - Business Associates
All the forms you need to document the HIPAA compliance of your business associates and the most comprehensive updated for Omnibus Business Associate Agreement you will find. Download the entire Step 2 of our Kit as a preview and use to help your practice achieve HIPAA compliance. Do not forget your due diligence to ensure your Business Associate is following and knowledgeable of the HIPAA rules.

Step 3 - HIPAA Security and Privacy Rule Policies and Procedures
Complete set of policies and procedures based on NIST, CMS, HHS and OCR guidelines.

Step 4 - Training
The HIPAA Compliance Kit contains training videos for both staff and HIPAA Compliance Officers.

Step 5 - Breach Response Plan
The HIPAA Compliance Kit comes with a completed Breach Response Plan and full Breach Response Kit.

Step 6 - Contingency Plan
Use this dynamic form to customize your required Contingency Plan.

Step 7 - Documentation
Full set of forms and letters to document your HIPAA compliance.

Step 8 - Risk Management Report
This report, based off of the risk analysis, gives you a list of your vulnerabilities that need to be resolved and walks you through compliance process.
Audit Log Review Program - Complete with Policy and Procedure, Report Form, Detailed Instructions.

HIPAA compliance simplified. On DVD in pdf format and binder set.

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