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HITECH Associates was designed from the ground up to be an affordable, yet completely thorough system for physicians and business associates to be fully HIPAA compliant.

Our HIPAA Compliance Kit is a truly turnkey solution. It contains all the forms and documentation for you to complete your own risk assessment (it even has step-by-step video instructions), all the forms and agreements you need to make sure you and your business associates are complying with HIPAA & HITECH regulations, a full set of HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule policies and procedures, staff and HIPAA Compliance Officer training, a Breach Response Plan, Contingency Plan, and the documents you need to prove compliance. The final step to take the information you have gathered and construct your compliance plan (Risk Management Report). We are there to help you each step of the way with email and phone support for a full year.

Experience from over 800 risk assessments gives our company the edge when it comes to helping your practice achieve complete HIPAA compliance. From a complete Risk Assessment Report and Risk Management Plan, we give you the step-by-step instructions with the tools that simplify HIPAA compliance.

Our Mission - More HIPAA, Less Money

Enable physicians and business associates to protect the privacy of patient inofrmation with easy to follow, affordable, and intutive solutions.





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HITECH Assocaites offers a complete line of HIPAA services to help you meet your requirements with affordable pricing. You can meet your obligation to protect patient privacy without spending thousands of dollars. Let us show you and explain to you our HIPAA.HITECH products and services

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We are here to help you with all aspects of HIPAA compliance. Our rates are the best in the industry, our products 2nd to none, and our service is outstanding.

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