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HIPAA Compliance Kit

Comprehensive Solution to HIPAA Compliance and MIPS

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Guaranteed to pass MIPS Required Security Risk Assessment

The HIPAA Compliance Kit is the most intuitive, easy to use solution available. Proven in over 1200 offices across the country, our system get your office up-to-date with your HIPAA compliance requirements in about 3 hours. One hour for the risk assessment questionnaire, one hour to review your reports and documents and one hour for staff training.



HIPAA Compliance does not have to be expensive or a monthly, forever fee. Our system is faster to implement, provides complete updated HIPAA documentation, is updated regularly and has been tested by over 1000 clients. Rely on our expertise to implement a "Culture of Compliance" with your practice.

Beware their offer of $100,000 in Breach Insurance. You must pay for monthly Penetration Reporting and be 100% HIPAA compliant when the breach occurs. Their standard to get the Breach Insurance is most likely impossible to achieve and you will be be left paying the costs, they are exempt from liability.

Available for both Covered Entities and Business Associates

No other company offers you the experience of thousands of risk assessments performed and the complete documentation you need for HIPAA compliance with a fully integrated system that matches your Policies and Procedures to your training.

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HIPAA Compliance In 8 Simple Steps

--- compliance simplified ---   | Updated for The HITECH Omnibus Rule (HIPAA MegaRule of 2013)


HIPAA compliance does not have to be complicated. The HIPAA Compliance Kit separates HIPAA compliance into 8 easy to follow steps and everything you need is included from the 1st step of compliance, the risk assessment. You will also find sections on Business Associates, HIPAA Security and Privacy Policies and Procedures, staff and HIPAA Compliance Officer Training, Breach Response Plan, Contingency Plan, full set of documentation of HIPAA requirements and our exclusive "StepbyStep Compliance Report".

The HIPAA Compliance Kit is in pdf portfolio format that can be used on any computer and most tablets. All forms are savable and can be signed digitally. The HIPAA Compliance Kit provides your office with separate folders for forms and other items that need to be accessed by your staff. Save money because you no longer have to preprint and store your HIPAA compliance forms. Policies and procedures are readily available on the shared drive for your staff to reference.

The HIPAA Compliance Kit is the most comprehensive solution on the market today. Purchase today and receive a 2nd year of updates to the Kit as we add forms and information. (Sent out every 6 months)

Just Added To The HIPAA Compliance Kit
Mobile Device Risk Assessment
Audit Log Review Instructions, Policy, & Report
Updated for Omnibus Forms Including BA Agreement & NPP

See For Yourself by downloading samples from out Kit.

Business Associate Agreement

Sample HIPAA Security Policy

Breach Risk Assessment

Compliance Officer Slide Deck

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